Podengo Portugues
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Podengo Portugues

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Podengo Portugues:
Anerkjent av FCI
FCI nummer: 094
Gruppe 5: Spisshunder
Seksjon 7: Primitive jakthundraser
ANDRE NAVN: Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
VEKT: Hann: -
Tispe: -
HØYDE: Hann: -
Tispe: -
FARGE(R): Gul og fawn (gulrød) med lysere og mørkere nyanser med sorte skiftninger, sort (gråsort eller bleket), ensfarget med eller uten hvite tegninger. Grunnfargen kan også være hvit med tegninger i tidligere nevnte farger.
PELSLENGDE: Kort eller lang
PELS: Glatthåret eller ruhåret/langhåret.

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Podengo Portugues
[...podencoer er en gruppe spisshunder som regnes som primitive og trolig er nært beslektet med mynder. slike hunder finnes opprinelig i kyststrøkene rund...]
[...spisshund (også kalt spets og spitz) er betegnelsen på en gruppe hunder som deler en rekke morfologiske- og anatomiske fellestrekk. det mest i øyenfal...]

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Om Portuguese Podengo Pequeno:

Eligible Registries: Any Acceptable Domestic or Foreign Registry

Contact: Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America, President-Darlene Devaney, 858-228-0214, pppasecretary@hughes.net

Contact: Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club of America, Marilyn Piurek, President, podengosusa@aol.com

Contact: American Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club, Ginger Bowles, President, 850-623-8602, theapppc@aol.com


  • From the May 2010 Board Meeting – The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno will be eligible to compete in the Miscellaneous Class, effective January 1, 2011.
  • From the July 2009 Board Meeting – The Portuguese Podengo was split into two breeds Portuguese Podengo and Portuguese Podengo Pequenos.
  • From the July 2007 Board Meeting – The Portuguese Podengo was approved to compete in AKC Lure Coursing Events for suffix titles effective January 1, 2008.
  • From the May 2007 Board Meeting – The Portuguese Podengo will be eligible to compete in Companion Events effective January 1, 2008.


The Portuguese Podengo, a National Dog of Portugal, is an ancient hound that came to the Iberian Peninsula with the Phoenicians from the area of Asia Minor in around 1000 BC. Beginning in the 15th century, the small Podengo traveled aboard the caravels of Christopher Columbus and the Portuguese explorers, serving to rid the ships of vermin and disease.

The Podengo comes in three sizes, small, medium and large -- called Podengo Pequeno, Podengo Medio and Podengo Grande. Each size comes in two hair types -- wirehair and smooth coat. The large Podengos hunt wild boar and the medium and small are known as one of the world’s finest rabbit hunters.

The Podengo is known for its erect ears, pyramidal head, elegant lines of body and agile movement. It is a hardy, intelligent and lively breed, making fine companions. Loyal and fearless, the Podengo is also a good watchdog. With a keen sense of fun, the Portuguese Podengo is easy to train, excelling at agility and other sports and has starred in several Hollywood films, including Three Wishes, Soccer Dog, and Zeus and Roxanne.

The first purebred Portuguese Podengos came to the United States in the 1990s. Almost 200 now reside in more than thirty states. A complete breed history is found in the book The Portuguese Podengo by Vitor Veiga, now available in English.

Farger og egenheter:

Description Type Code
Black S 007
Chestnut S 070
Fawn S 082
Gold S 091
Gray S 100
Orange S 133
Red S 140
White & Black S 202
White & Chestnut S 499
White & Fawn S 207
White & Gold S 208
White & Gray S 210
White & Orange S 213
White & Red S 214
White & Yellow S 501
Yellow S 232
Description Type Code
White Markings S 014


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  • The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno has been assigned the Hound Group designation.
  • The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno has been recorded in the Foundation Stock Service since 2004.
  • The Portuguese Podengo consists of three types and two varieties. The 3 types are: 1. Pequeno (Small), 2. Medio (Medium) and 3. Grande (Large). All three sizes come in either smooth coat or wire coat varieties.
  • Did you know that the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is one of the healthiest dog breeds? There are no known genetic faults or inherited diseases and Podengos live well into their mid and late teens.
  • Did you know that the Podengo is highly trainable and excels at agility? Podengo Medios have starred in Hollywood movies, including Soccer Dog, Zeus and Roxanne and other films, displaying their trainability and great temperament.
  • Did you know that the Podengo is a very ancient breed thought to be the originator of/related to many breeds found throughout the world? The Portuguese explorers navigated the globe in the 15th and 16th centuries with small Podengos on board and remarkable similarities to the Podengo persist in many breeds found on the routes of the discoverers.
  • Did you know that the Podengo has exceptional sight, sound and scent? The Podengo uses all of its senses as it hunts in packs in a distinctive manner to sight, track, flush and chase its prey.