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Anerkjent av FCI
FCI nummer: 199
Gruppe 5: Spisshunder
Seksjon 7: Primitive jakthundraser
Anerkjent av AKC
Foundation Stock Service (FSS)
Each of the following breeds has been accepted for recording in the AKC Foundation Stock Service®. The AKC provides this service to allow these purebred breeds to continue to develop while providing them with the security of a reliable and reputable avenue to maintain their records. FSS® breeds are not eligible for AKC registration. Several of the FSS breeds are approved to compete in AKC Companion Events. To review the complete list of breeds approved to compete in companion events, click here. Contact information is available for a majority of the Foundation Stock Service® breeds. The AKC does not recommend one club over another. None of the clubs are affiliated with the AKC at this time (except for the coonhound national breed clubs).
ANDRE NAVN: Cirneco dell'Etna
VEKT: Hann: 10-12kg
Tispe: 8-10kg
HØYDE: Hann: 46-50cm
Tispe: 42-46cm
FARGE(R): rød eller rød med hvite tegninger
PELSLENGDE: kort (3cm)
PELS: litt stri og glatt tilliggene

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[...pariahunder (av tamilsk paraiyar, som betyr omstreifende og egentlig refererer til en tamilsk folkegruppe av kasteløs rang, nå mer kalt daliter) refer...]
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Cirneco dell'Etna
Om Cirneco dell'Etna:

Eligible Registries: Any Acceptable Domestic or Foreign Registry

Contact: Cirneco dell’Etna Club of America, Lucia Harness, President,, Corresponding Secretary – Joe Hollmann,, AKC Liaison – Lucia Prieto,

Contact: American Cirneco dell’Etna Association, President: Jerrilyn Gates, 972-932-4889,


  • From the November 2009 Board Meeting – The Cirneco dell'Etna was approved to compete in AKC Performance Events effective July 1, 2010.
  • From the July 2009 Board Meeting – The Cirneco dell'Enta was approved to compete in AKC Companion Events effective January 1, 2010.
  • From the January 2007 Board Meeting – One new breed was added to the Foundation Stock Service Program – Cirneco dell'Enta.


The Cirneco is a small, primitive breed that is used in Sicily to hunt rabbits near the mount Etna volcano. Now fairly common in its native land, the breed almost disappeared until revived in the early 1900's.

The first breed standard was written and accepted by the ENCI (FCI) in Italy in 1939. An updated version was approved by the FCI in 1956, and is a member of Group 5 for Spitz and Primitive breeds, and is classified under section 7 as a primitive hunting breed. This year also saw the creation of the breed club in Italy.

The breed is believed to have existed in Sicily for the last 2500 years. Cirnechi can now be found throughout Western Europe, Scandinavia, the USA and most recently Russia.

Farger og egenheter:

Description Type Code
Fawn (Isabella) S 113
White S 199
Description Type Code
Red Patched S 100
White Markings S 014



Visste du?

  • The Cirneco has been assigned the Hound Group designation.
  • The Cirneco has been recorded in the Foundation Stock Service since 2006.
  • "Cirneco" is pronounced "cheer-NAY-ko" and its plural is Cirnechi (cheer-NAY-kee).
  • Cirnechi can blush when excited, and will tan in the summer.
  • The Cirneco dell'Etna is often mistaken for a small pharaoh hound. Although the two breeds are similar in appearance, after studying the standard one will find they differ on many points. One main point being the breed size, Cirnechi have a maximum size for male dogs of 19.69 inches, and females a maximum of 18.11.
  • The prick ear may be the breeds most distinguishing feature, being high set and close together. The ears are held erect, and should be perfectly parallel.